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Carpathian waterfalls and TC "Bukovel"

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This is one of the most popular tours in the region. The noise of spruce trees (green sea) is organically combined with the roar of waterfalls breaking through the rocks, their symphony emphasizes the greatness of nature. A unique place is "Pertsi" polony. A place where you can taste and buy Hutsul cheeses, hoppy mead or cold brew. And the Bukovel resort is also on the program, where there is always something to entertain yourself.

"Probiy" waterfall is a popular tourist attraction, a natural monument. A 20 m high bridge has been built over the waterfall, from which the bravest locals jump for money. Below the waterfall is a wide and deep basin with a calmer current. Probiy (another name is Yaremchansky Waterfall) is a cascading waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians, on the Prut River. Located within the city of Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Probij is one of the most abundant waterfalls in the Carpathians. The height of the water fall is 8 m, the angle of inclination is almost 45 degrees. Behind the waterfall is the central souvenir market in Yaremcha.

Next, we will pass through the village of the ancient Hutsul village of Mykulychyn and go deeper into the forest thicket, where the magical Zhenetsk waterfall Huk will open before us, named so because of the strong roar it creates. It was formed in the post-war years as a result of a flood. Its crystal clear water falls freely from a height of about 15 m.

Then we will visit the Bukovel Resort, skiing on the chairlift and an unparalleled panorama of the Carpathians. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. A dizzying view of the majestic mountains of the Carpathian Range and unique ski tracks opens here, and the realization that you are several hundred meters above sea level creates unforgettable images and pictures. Climb on chairlifts to the observation deck, from which you can see the scenery of Mount Blyznytsia, the peaks of the Gorgan area - Khomyak, Sinyak, Dovbushanka, and from lift No. 2 you can enjoy a panorama of the Chornohirsky ridge with Hoverla and Petros - the highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Dinopark of dinosaurs and giant insects in Polyanytsia. Dinosaur Park, near Bukovel, has not only a convenient location, but is also located in a very picturesque place. Spruce forest, towering mountains and a giant dinosaur looking at you through the fence! He looks at you with his huge eyes, watches and even blinks his eyes! Such a sight fascinates not only children, but even adults are delighted by the scale of the park and quality details thought out to the smallest detail.

The upside-down house and its interesting locations. An architect's fantasy, a werewolf building on 85 square meters. meters with different rooms filled with life and the spirit of the local region.

Ethno-park "Hutsul Land" is fascinating stories about the life and daily life of the highlanders of the Ukrainian Carpathians: Hutsuls, Boyks and Lemks. This is an area that combines various recreation and entertainment areas on the territory of "Bukovel", which is located behind the Lake of Youth. One of the main sites is the Skansen (an open-air ethnographic complex). The park differs from ordinary museums in that it is interactive with guests - you can go into the middle of the house, which is about 200 years old, sit on a bench and watch the fire burn in the furnace, try to grind wheat flour in millstones, weave a path on a real loom machines, watch how cheese is prepared in a cheese factory and even take part in a theatrical performance of a Hutsul wedding. There is also a territory where a contact zoo is located, where domestic, exotic, wild animals and birds live in natural conditions, which will delight not only children, but also adults.

Next, a unique place awaits us, located at an altitude of 1000 meters, from where the whole Carpathians can be seen - "Polonina PEPPERS". This is a separate heavenly Hutsul world, where guests will be welcomed by curly lambs, nice hosts, hosts and cheerful music, skilled masters will conduct interesting master classes from cheese-making, wood carving, sheep-breeding, blacksmithing or bed-making, and a real molfar will treat you to his magical charms. Next, you will be invited to milk the sheep, to taste delicious natural cheeses - budz, brynza and vurda in the hut-sty, to try on an old Hutsul outfit for a photo shoot, to relax on fragrant hay, to buy exclusive handmade souvenirs, to taste Carpathian banosh with cheese and cracklings, Poloninsk m' yasom with thyme, pies with athens and at least for a day to feel like a Hutsul or a Hutsulka!

The price of the tour includes:

- Guide services;

- Recreational collection in nature reserves;

- Equipment for cooking;

- Group first aid kit;

- Consultations on preparation for the tour.

Additionally, you can purchase travel insurance on our website.

The price of the tour does not include and is paid additionally:

  - transfer to the starting point (1500 UAH for groups of 1-3 people; 500 UAH per person for groups of 4 or more people)

  - food (individually)

  - souvenirs

Technical information:

1.  At 08:00 the group gathers at the central station of the city of Yaremche. Or we go from Ivano-Frankivsk by bus / car to the starting point of the hiking trip -  Yaremche.

2. The length of the route is 6 km.

3. The duration is approximately 6 hours.

4. The difficulty is easy 

5. The tourist route is designed for an average group of physically healthy people.

6. Participation in the hike does not require prior training or experience.

7. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during the ascent and descent.

What to take with you on a trip?

1. Identity document: passport/driver's license.

2. Comfortable waterproof shoes (preferably mountain trekking boots with high lacing and a "vibram" type protector).

3. A windproof jacket with a hood, preferably waterproof, windproof pants that do not hinder movement, a warm sweater or a "fleece" type jacket, headgear (hat, bandana), raincoat.

4. Spare set of clothes.

5. A capacious, preferably light backpack

6. Water

7. Food: you can take high-calorie foods, such as nuts, dried fruits, dates, raisins, dark chocolate.

8. Individual first-aid kits (necessary medicines that you use).


  - for an individual tour - 1950 UAH;

  - for a group of 2-4 people -  2100 UAH;

  - for a group of 5-10 people - 500 UAH from the person

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5 reasons to choose tour


Cool guide

They will not only guide you along the route from start to finish, but also tell interesting stories and legends



The hike can be done in 1 day, but it is very easy to choose only 1 day off and conquer the mountain in such a short time



Physical activity + clean air + spring water + mountains = reserve of health for months ahead



Different heights, shapes, colors, one deep in the forest, the other in a rocky gorge, this is something that is definitely worth seeing


A unique culture

Hutsuls are a mountain people who over the centuries have formed their own identity and uniqueness, which is only worthy of national cuisine

Key landmarks








Hutsul Land


Probij waterfall


Zhenetsky Huk waterfall

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

Recreational collection in nature reserves

Recreational collection in nature reserves

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.