Excursion to the museum of Easter egg painting and the national museum of folk art of Hutsul region and Pokuttia

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Excursion to the museum of Easter egg painting and the national museum of folk art of Hutsul region and Pokuttia

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The historical, cultural and educational excursion is designed to introduce the guests of Prykarpattia to the most interesting and unique examples of folk culture and crafts of Hutsul region and Pokuttia.

Easter egg museum. The life-giving power of the Pysanka, its unique beauty, the wealth of ornaments and, ultimately, the customs and ceremonies associated with it, formed the basis of the construction of the exposition of the only museum of the Pysanka in the world, which was opened for the first time in the fall of 1987 in the Church of the Annunciation, an architectural monument of the 16th century .

The original architectural structure is made in the shape of a large Easter egg (height - 13 m), as an original and peculiar advertisement of the museum. Today, the museum collection includes more than 10,000 works. The museum exhibits Easter eggs and decorative eggs not only from all regions of Ukraine, but also from Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, France, Canada, the USA, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, Egypt and Algeria. The language of their ornaments is the language of kindness, protection and peace.

The Yosaphat Kobrynskyi National Museum of Folk Art of Hutsul Region and Pokuttia was founded in 1926. It is located in the central part of the city of Kolomyia, in the former People's House, built with the funds of the Ukrainian community. Collections include about 50,000 exhibits and present all types of traditional Hutsul and Pokut folk art, starting from the 17th century. to date.

The following types of folk art are presented in the museum: artistic processing of wood (carving, inlay, firing), metal and leather, pottery, decorative weaving, carpet making, embroidery and clothing.

The price of the tour includes:

- Meals (hot breakfast and dinner, lunch - snack; for one-day tours - snack);

- Guide services;

- Recreational collection in nature reserves;

- Equipment for cooking;

- Group first aid kit;

- Consultations on preparation for the tour.

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The price of the tour does not include and is paid additionally:

  - transfer to the starting point (350-400 UAH)

  - food (individually)

  - souvenirs

Technical information:

1.  At 08:00 a.m. the group gathers at the central station of the city of Yaremche. From here we go by bus/car to the starting point of the trip - Kolomiya.

2. The duration is approximately 4 hours.

3. The difficulty is easy.

4. The tourist route is designed for an average group of physically healthy people.

5. Participation in the hike does not require prior training or experience.

6. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during the ascent and descent.


  - for an individual tour - 1950 UAH;

  - for a group of 2-4 people -  2150 UAH;

  - for a group of 5-10 people - 500 UAH from the person

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5 reasons to choose tour


Cool guide

They will not only guide you along the route from start to finish, but also tell interesting stories and legends



The hike can be done in 1 day, but it is very easy to choose only 1 day off and conquer the mountain in such a short time



Physical activity + clean air + spring water + mountains = reserve of health for months ahead


A unique culture

Hutsuls are a mountain people who over the centuries have formed their own identity and uniqueness, which is only worthy of national cuisine


Directly the museum

Pysanka is a unique cultural phenomenon that harmonizes with local ornaments and cultural customs, it is definitely worth seeing

Key landmarks






Easter egg museum

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

Recreational collection in nature reserves

Recreational collection in nature reserves

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.