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08 Oct. 2023


Prymorskyi Boulevard in Odesa is being reopened for Odessans and tourists

Prymorskyi Boulevard in Odesa is being reopened for Odessans and tourists

Due to the full-scale invasion of russia in 2022, Primorsky Boulevard in Odesa was closed to the public. Find out when one of the most beautiful places in Odesa will be available for walking again

Choose a tour to incredible Odesa from Visit Ukraine
Choose a tour to incredible Odesa from Visit Ukraine

Prymorskyi Boulevard in the center of Odesa, closed in 2022 due to russia's invasion of Ukraine, will soon be open for walking. According to Odesa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov, the decision to restore access to Primorsky Boulevard was agreed with the military. This decision will allow Odesa residents and guests to enjoy walking in one of the most beautiful places in the city without any obstacles.

We will tell you whether the work on dismantling the fences has started, which will allow access to the boulevard, and when this historic district of Odesa will become accessible to the public.

Opening of Primorsky Boulevard

"Primorsky Boulevard will be opened for pedestrians. The decision was made together with the military. Residents of Odesa and guests of the city will be able to walk freely along the boulevard in the coming days," Trukhanov said in a statement. 

Work has already begun on dismantling the fences, which will open access to Primorsky Boulevard and make the area accessible for walking.

The mayor notes that the authorities are doing everything possible to ensure that "everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Odesa." At the same time, the authorities warn that the danger has not gone away: everyone should still follow all safety rules and military requirements.  

Mr. Gennadiy also posted a video showing the equipment used to remove the concrete blocks blocking the boulevard. It is not yet known whether all or part of the boulevard will be opened.

Prymorskyi Boulevard in Odesa - what you need to know

Prymorskyi Boulevard in Odesa is located on the outskirts of the city plateau, starting from Dumska Square (where the City Council Building is located) and ending near Vorontsov Palace. 

According to experts, the boulevard is one of the best urban planning ensembles of Ukrainian classicist architecture, a kind of facade connecting the historic center with the Black Sea and the entrance to Odesa from the sea.

Pushkinska, Kateryninska, Gogol, and Vorontsovskyi lanes face the boulevard. One side of the boulevard is built up. 

There is also a steep slope on the boulevard leading to the Naval Station of the Odesa Commercial Port, which was recently destroyed by rockets fired by russian troops in Odesa. The station was heavily damaged, as was the nearby Odesa Hotel. 

The Potemkin Stairs descend from the boulevard to the passenger terminal of the Odesa port, and at the top of the boulevard is the famous Duke monument.

This boulevard is present in many feature films - different directors have repeatedly chosen it as a location in their works.

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Traveling around Odesa

Situated on the Black Sea coast, this majestic location attracts travelers from all over the world with its unparalleled beauty and cultural diversity. Opening its arms to guests from all over the world, Odesa always impresses with its unique atmosphere, rich cultural heritage and delicious variety of dishes. Whether you're planning an active weekend with friends or a relaxing trip with your family, Odesa offers the best tourist options to make your weekend unforgettable. 

A sightseeing tour along Primorsky Boulevard and Mother-in-law Bridge will give you a real sense of the city's flavor and give you a great time, while a tour of the Opera House will show you the backstage and open the door to a magnificent universe of music, drama, and art.

If you are interested in the musical heritage of this majestic city, the Once Upon a Time Jews tour will show you not only the flavor and hospitality of the city, but also the interesting history of the Odesa musical family of Chernetsky, who became real legends in the world of music.  

For those who want not only to admire the beautiful locations, but also to learn about the dark sides of the city, which are so deeply intertwined with its colorful routine, you can choose criminal Odesa or a tour of the Odesa catacombs

An individual gastronomic tour to Odesa is not only an opportunity to taste the best dishes of the city, but also to immerse yourself in its cultural and historical heritage through tastes and aromas.

For those who want to take a break from the city noise, the Black Sea coast not far from the city is suitable: you can visit the Oyster Farm and the Shabo Wine Culture Center. Interesting stories, incredible locations for photos, and delicious tastings will allow you to relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

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For your convenience, we also recommend booking a hotel in the desired region of Ukraine in advance.

When planning a trip to Ukraine, also take care of your own safety and protect yourself from unforeseen expenses. In order to feel as calm as possible and not worry about your health under martial law, you need to take care of purchasing proper insurance covering military risks.

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Photo: Ruslan Lytvyn / Shutterstock

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