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Dovbush trails and Makovitsa mountain

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The route to the natural complex of stone caves and the artistic-memorial complex "Trails of Dovbush" is one of the most popular in Yaremcha and has more than a century of history.

If you like traveling through the Carpathians, you will not be surprised that there are many locations here named after the famous leader of the Opryshks. The route begins with a beautiful wooden sign, decorated in the Hutsul style. The plaque on the stone structure contains the name of the route - "Dovbush Trail" and the area - Yaremche. You need to move through colorful coniferous forests, in which Hutsul rebels once hid. An exciting journey through the Carpathian forests, incredibly clean and fresh air and the picturesque nature of this area await you. "Dovbush Trail" winds its way up the mountain between the beech-juniper-spruce forest. On the way, you will meet the works of local masters dedicated to Dovbush.

These places are often associated with the activities of Carpathian rebel groups, known to most of us as opryshk. Their leader - Oleksa Dovbush - is often endowed with chivalrous traits of character and behavior in folklore. It is believed that opryshki robbed rich Polish lords and often shared the loot with the poor. That is why Oleksa is often perceived as the Ukrainian Robin Hood. Despite the fact that the first mentions of opryshk in the Carpathians appear as early as 1498, the peak of their activity falls on the years 1730−1740.

The mighty rocks that still rise on Mount Makovytsa were a refuge for the people's avengers. There are many legends related to the lost treasures of Dovbush. According to legend, one of the chests with loot is hidden here, and you can see it only on the night of Ivan Kupala. However, if the treasure hunt is successful, you will unfortunately not be able to enjoy the find. Whoever finds the cave is doomed to petrify upon seeing the hidden treasures.

"Dovbush Trail" will help you immerse yourself in this atmosphere of the distant past and make your vacation in the Carpathians interesting and informative. Along the way, you will encounter thematic sculptures made of stone and wood, which are the result of the work of the master Darius Grabar. In addition to stone sculptures, there are information stands on the route.

Further, a winding stone path climbs over the rocks of Dovbush and goes in a winding serpentine to Mount Makovytsia, 984 m., which belongs to the Gorgana mountain massif.

Moving further along this path, you will reach a rocky area, and then you will come out into a picturesque meadow, which is an hour's walk from the summit. At the very top there is a hut where you can rest and have a delicious snack.

This route is very easy and suitable even for beginners, because it does not require special physical training.

The price of the tour includes:

- Guide services;

- Recreational collection in nature reserves;

- Equipment for cooking;

- Group first aid kit;

- Consultations on preparation for the tour.

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The price of the tour does not include and is paid additionally:

  - transfer to the starting point (1500 UAH for groups of 1-3 people; 500 UAH per person for groups of 4 or more people)

  - food (individually)

  - souvenirs

Technical information:

1. At 08:00 the group gathers at the central station of the city of Yaremche. 

2. The length of the route is 5 km.

3. The duration is approximately 4 hours.

4. The difficulty is easy.

5. The tourist route is designed for an average group of physically healthy people.

6. Participation in the hike does not require prior training or experience.

7. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during the ascent and descent.

What to take with you on a trip?

1. Identity document: passport/driver's license.

2. Comfortable waterproof shoes (preferably mountain trekking boots with high lacing and a "vibram" type protector).

3. A windproof jacket with a hood, preferably waterproof, windproof pants that do not hinder movement, a warm sweater or a "fleece" type jacket, headgear (hat, bandana), raincoat.

4. Spare set of clothes.

5. A capacious, preferably light backpack

6. Water

7. Food: you can take high-calorie foods, such as nuts, dried fruits, dates, raisins, dark chocolate.

8. Individual first-aid kits (necessary medicines that you use).


  - for an individual tour - 2500 UAH;

  - for a group of 2-10 people -  2000 UAH;

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5 reasons to choose tour


Cool guide

They will not only guide you along the route from start to finish, but also tell interesting stories and legends



The ascent can be done in 1 day, but it is very easy to choose only 1 day off and conquer the mountain in such a short time



The Carpathian peaks offer incredible views



Physical activity + clean air + spring water + altitude = reserve of health for months ahead


A unique landscape

Dovbush's stitch is a whole complex, stitched in the dense Carpathian forest, majestic shaves create here the most ancient forms of relief

Key landmarks






The Dovbusha trail


Makovitsa mountain

What is included?

Professional guide

Professional guide

Recreational collection in nature reserves

Recreational collection in nature reserves

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