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09 Nov. 2021


Museums of Ukraine: top of the most unusual



Museums of Ukraine: top of the most unusual

In Ukraine, there are about 5 thousand different museums – public and private. We have prepared for you a selection of unusual museums in Ukraine. Are you ready to be surprised?

Museum of Hutsul Magic (Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region)

Here you can learn about Hutsul healing traditions, ancient magic spells and healing recipes for molfars. The museum also hosts workshops on making magical artifacts.

Museum of Sound Vasily Pinchuk (Odesa)

An exclusive collection of historical rarities of sound technology, an exhibition of audio equipment, an exposition of all generations of sound carriers - gramophones and gramophones, radio and tape recorders, vinyl records, film reels, audio cassettes, CDs. You can listen to almost all recordings in the museum.

Museum of Costume and Style Victoria Museum (Kyiv)

A museum dedicated to urban fashion from 1830-1920. Here is a permanent exhibition of costumes with regular thematic updates. In addition to unique and luxurious exhibits, the museum also has audio guides in different languages.

Parkhomovskiy Art Museum (Parkhomovka, Kharkiv region)

At first glance, nothing out of the ordinary, but this is the best rural museum in Ukraine with a unique collection of art and antiques that will be the envy of large and influential city museums. Kandinsky, Malevich, Repin, Roerich, Aivazovsky, Tropinin, Borovikovsky, Kiprensky, Shishkin, Levitan, Serov, Benois, Vasilkovsky, Knyazhitsky, Glushchenko, as well as a huge selection of ancient icons, including Old Believers, even the original of the famous "Dove of Peace" work Picasso – are located right here.

Iron Museum (Zaporozhye)

Here are collected historical irons of the 17th-20th centuries. Mostly old irons are made of cast iron, there are also brass ones, the most original exhibit is a wooden one. There are irons that fit easily in the palm of your hand, and there are bulky ones, weighing 10-15 kilograms.

Museum of the history of the toilet (Kyiv)

The exposition of the Museum covers all stages of the development of everyday culture and hygiene: from primitive society to the present. Here you can find antique authentic exhibits, thematic replicas and models of objects of toilet culture, as well as the world's largest collection of souvenir toilets, certified by the Guinness Book of Records.

Scientific and Educational Museum of Sexual Cultures of the World (Kharkiv)

The museum reflects the sexual cultures of different eras and countries of the world and contains many interesting and piquant exhibits. All 10 halls can be seen only from the age of 21.

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